Montreal Standard, 28 October 1911, page 3


Farmed-Out Houses

We have unfortunately in Glasgow a type of dwelling that is the despair of the social reformer. Our tenements we can defend, and our lodging-houses are a necessity, however evil, but the farmed-out house is an unmitigated scandal to the city. A low tenement that will not let is leased by the “farmer,” and knocked into single rooms, which are furnished with a bedstead, a seat or two, a fire-grate and a supply of household utensils, including pots and pans and crockeryware- all of the meanest description. The rooms are then hired to men or women “for the day, night, or longer period,” to quote one of their signboards.

It does not need any telescope to see what class will be attracted there, and indeed it is acknowledged that these dens are a standing menace to the well-being of the city. But the “farmers” are careful to keep within the letter of the law, and are making heaps of money by letting these ready-made homes to anybody who has the night’s money in his or her possession. The “farmers” say “they have decent married couples living in their rooms. It is a possible-without the “decent.” But a man and wife could make a real home on the money they spend in hire, and the system thus is a direct encouragement to “slackers” to evade the responsibility of life. It is, of course, in some cases, worse-sadly worse.