I have been on Historypin now for a few years, and find it a most wonderful forum for historical photographs. In the past I have just posted some old photos and postcards from my own personal collection. But of course there are a number of people and organisations who have been using this for far more reaching goals of interacting with the public and using their collections in a more meaningful way. Awesome.

I have been thinking about the reach and possibilities of historypin for my own research interests, and have finally decided to start a new collection on my channel on history pin. I am calling it: A Flash of Tartan: Scottish Identity in Scotland and the Diaspora.

Burns Statue, Dominion Square, Montreal.
Burns Statue, Dominion Square, Montreal.

This is how I describe it on historypin:

This collection attempts to map and place on a timeline expressions of Scottish identity. As Scots have moved around the world and built their lives in new places they have undertaken ways of expressing their Scottish heritage, culture and identity. From the erecting of statues to Robert Burns, Walter Scott or local Scottish heroes, to the celebration of Scottish events like Caledonian/Highland Games, St Andrew’s Day or Burns Night, or a flash of Tartan, Scots have proudly expressed themselves as such.
I am starting this collection with my own collection of images taken over the years, and pulled from old newspapers, and the Archives of the St Andrew’s Society of Montreal (of which I am part of the Archives Committee) to illustrate the continuing Scottish cultural life.
This being said- I welcome submissions for this project. Would love to have a fuller image of Scots cultural life and expression worldwide.

My wider goals is that the channel can be a place where people interested in Scots and their expressions of identity worldwide can go for a visual and temporal view of Scots. Of course as my collection gets larger I will have to subdivide the channel into themes such as Burns statues, highland games, burns suppers, etc. But right now I am just dealing with my own material. I will then add stuff from the St Andrew’s Society of Montreal archives, and other material submitted, or stuff already posted on history pin.

All help and submissions gratefully accepted.

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