From reading my blog stats I have noticed that a lot of people have reached my blog from a google search ‘Queen Victoria’s Children’ or Queen Victoria’s Children’s Names’. I am sure that they are remarkably disappointed when they get here because I haven’t posted anything on that.
Until now.
To appease what appears to be a very popular request I have posted below the names of Queen Victoria’s children, and her grandchildren for a bonus. I hope this helps.


1) Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa, Princess Royal (1840-1901) m 1858 Frederick III of Prussia
William II of Prussia (1859-1941)
2)Edward VII – Albert Edward(1841-1910) m 1863 Alexandra of Denmark
Albert Victor, Duke of Clarence (1864-1892)
George V (1865-1936)
Louise (1867-1931)
Victoria (1868-1935)
Maud (1869-1938)
3)Alice Maud Mary (1843-1878) m 1862 Louis IV of Hesse and the Rhine
Victoria (1863-1950)
Ernest Louis (1868-1937)
4)Alfred Ernest Albert, Duke of Edinburgh (1844-1900) m Marie Alexandrovna of Russia
Marie (1875-1938)
Victoria Melita (1876-1936)
Alexandra (1878-1942)
5) Helena Augusta Victoria (1846-1923) m Christian of Schleswig-Holstein
Marie Louise (1872-1957)
6) Louise Caroline Alberta (1848-1939) m Marquis of Lorne (later Duke of Argyll)
7) Arthur William Patrick Albert, Duke of Connaught (1850-1942) m Louise Margaret of Prussia
Margaret (1882-1920)
Victoria Patricia (1886-1874)
8) Leopold George Duncan Albert, Duke of Albany (1853-1884) m Helen of Waldeck
Alice (1883-1981)
9) Beatrice Mary Victoria Feodore(1857-1944) m 1885 Henry of Battenburg