Montreal Standard, 4 November 1911, page 16


Curing Freckles

Now that summer is over, we begin to wonder how to get rid of our crop of freckles and tanned skin, and what cure the former also acts on the latter.
Freckles are of two distinct kinds. Those occasioned by exposure to the sun, and those which are constitutional and of a permanent nature, known as chronic or cold freckles. With regard to the latter, it is impossible to give any advice, as they result from causes that cannot be affected by external application, but summer freckles are not as difficult to disperse, and with care, the complexion can be freed from them.
Some skins are so delicate that they become freckled on the slightest exposure to the open air in summer and to disperse them when summer is over several courses have been recommended, a few of the best of which we name below.
At night wash the skin with elderflower water, and apply an ointment – made by simmering gently one ounce of oil bitter almonds, when it acquires a cream-like consistency it must be removed from the fire and half an ounce of rose-water added. Wash the ointment off in the morning with rose-water.
Another excellent application may be made as follows:- mix lemon juice, one ounce; powdered borax , a quarter of a drachm; keep for a few days in a glass bottle, apply occasionally.
Another remedy is muriate of amonim half a drachm; lavender water, two drachms; distilled water, half a pint; apply two or three times.
Another: into a half a pint of milk squeeze the juice of a lemon, with a spoonful of brandy, and boil, skimming well. Bathe frequently with the lotion.
The following is a good remedy for removing almost any discolouration of the skin: elder-flower ointment, one ounce; sulphate of zinc, twenty grains; mix well and rub into the affected skin at night. In the morning wash it off with plenty of soap, and when the grease is completely removed, apply the following lotion: Rose-water, half a pin; citric acid, thirty grains. All local discolourations will disappear under the treatment: and if the freckles do not entirely yield, they will, in most instances be greatly ameliorated.