Call for Papers
Companions in Doctor Who: Roles, Characters and Themes

On introducing the new companion Clara in March 2013, Steven Moffat, Doctor Who’s Executive Producer stated that:
“Doctor Who is always more the story of the companion. It’s her [sic] take on the Doctor, her [sic] adventure that she [sic] goes on with the Doctor that’s the story we tell.”
Agree or disagree with this view, it is clear that the companion has become an integral part of the series Doctor Who. Rarely has the Doctor travelled without a companion since the show began in 1963.
This volume of collected essays will examine the Doctor’s companions both as individuals and as a whole. The editors welcome chapter proposals which deal with the companions as individuals, thematic groupings of companions by era/Doctor, gender and sexuality, feminism and its many permutations, or other related treatments dealing with the Companions’ roles in the series. With over forty characters travelling with the Doctor over the life of the series, there are many options available. Proposals are due the 31 October 2013.
The final article/chapter should be around 20-25 pages (Double spaced, Times New Roman 12)
Important dates: Proposals due 31 October 2013; papers 30 September 2014; final edit 15 March 2015.

Editors: Dr Sherry Ginn & Dr Gillian Leitch
Please email your proposals to