Montreal Standard, 16 December 1911, page 14
By Madame La Bavarde

With the arrival of their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Connaught and her Royal Highness Princess Patricia on Tuesday, the past week has been most brilliant. While the presence of Royalty was sufficient to make the week notable, there were numerous entertainments of note in honour of the distinguished out-of-town visitors. Quite the most important event was the civic reception in honour of Their Royal Highnesses, the Governor General and Duchess of Connaught, which was held on Tuesday evening at the City Hall, and for which many invitations were issued.
On Wednesday Lady Shaughnessey gave a luncheon in honor of Mrs RB Borden and the following evening Premier and Mrs Borden were the guests of honour at a dinner given by Senator and Mrs T Chase Casgrain at the Mount Royal Club. On Thursday, Mrs Henry Joseph gave a large luncheon for Mrs JD Hazen, of Ottawa; and on Friday, Mrs D Lorne McGibbon gave a tea in honour of Miss Pelly, lady in waiting to her Royal Highness,
The St Andrew’s Ball at the Windsor Hotel on Tuesday evening, which was graced by the presence of Their Royal Highnesses, the Governor General and the Duchess of Connaught, and Princess Patricia, was a brilliant success, and the attendance was record-breaking. The ballroom presented a most unusual aspect, and the brilliancy of the handsome gowns, officers’ uniforms and the elaborate decorations presented a picturesque and memorable spectacle.
The merry whirl of debutante parties continues to crowd the days and nights with excitement. Each year the formula for bringing out a debutante includes more entertaining. Now the first step is a luncheon usually given by some relative or friend; then the reception proper, followed by a dinner, a party to the play and a dance. Already a large number of the attractive young ‘buds’ have made their formal bow, and during December there is a brilliant array of young girls to be presented.