Montreal Daily Star, 24 April 1911, page 8


The census protest has been a great and unqualified success says Votes for Women. It has demonstrated to the nation two things: Firstly how large is the number of women who are prepared to undertake revolutionary methods in order to enforce their demand for the vote; and, secondly, the impotence of the authorities in the face of the determined resistance of this section of the people to government without their consent.
How many women throughout the country succeeded in evading the classification of the census will, of course, never be accurately known, but from the reports that reach us from different places, it is evident that the number was far larger than anything anticipated by the authorities. In the front line were the householders, men and women who refused to fill in their census forms. Many of these sheltered dozens and some a hundred, and even two or three hundred women for the night. Then, in the second place, in London and in nearly all the large towns, special all night meetings and entertainments were undertaken, the attendance at which ran into hundreds or even thousands. Finally many individual and successful women adopted novel and successful means of escaping enumeration.