The Ugly Blanket, 2012
The Ugly Blanket, 2012


Last year I successfully raffled an ugly blanket for UNICEF.  I was able to raise $200 for famine relief in Africa.  This year I have decided to raffle off an ugly blanket for a cause closer to home.

Cancer killed both my parents (colon cancer and liver cancer) and three of my four grandparents.  It is a real and horrible disease, and I want to take the money for the blanket raffle and donate it to the Canadian Cancer Society.

The tickets are $5 each donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.  I don’t need to see the money itself, just the donation receipt.  Please donate here:  and then contact me at .

I was strongly tempted to have the draw on the 16th of December because that would have been mom’s 80th birthday had cancer not taken her from us, but I understand the lead up to Christmas might make this a bit too soon.  So instead I will make the draw on the 16th of January, 2013.  Please donate!

Many thanks to my friend Jomac, who gave me her spare wool which makes the bulk of this blanket.  Her pink breast cancer balls of w0ol were part of the inspiration for the choice of the Canadian Cancer Society.