Montreal Daily Star, 30 November 1911, page 2.

Brither Scots Greet Each Other on St Andrew’s


This is St Andrew’s Day and in honor of the occasion Scotsmen all over the world are proudly wearing a wee sprig of heather fresh from the misty hills of their native land.  Montreal Scots and their descendants never fail to observe the day and the heather is today everywhere in evidence on the streets, many people of other nationalities joining with the Scots to do honor to “the land of mountains, glens and heroes.”

Just how St Andrew came to be chosen as the Patron Saint of Scotland is lost to the mists of antiquity, but from time immemorial her royal banner was the silver X shaped cross of St Andrew upon a blue ground.  Today it is the Union Jack, the white cross on blue ground, the broad white lines drawn from corner to corner.

St Andrew of the twelve disciples is reputed to have been crucified on an X shaped cross, at Petras on November 30 AD 70 after a life spent in preaching the gospel and in relieving the distressed.  To the true Scotsman, therefore, the St Andrew’s Cross is at once emblematic of love for their native land and of fidelity to the strong religious faith which has ever characterized their race.  On this day all social and political distinctions are put aside, and Scottish men and women everywhere join hands in patriotic love for Auld Scotland and in the relief of those of their race who may be in need.

The day was quietly observed.  Besides the wearing of the heather and the unusual warmth of greetings, there was little to distinguish the day from other days.

A “Haggis” luncheon was given by the supper committee of St Andrew’s Society to the office bearers and chairmen of the committees at the Windsor Hotel today, and the “Haggis” was well sampled. About forty sat down.

Fraser Viger and Co sent up a box of heather direct from the moors of Scotland, to the St Andrew’s Home this morning.

A special meeting and informal tea of the Ladies Committee of the St Andrew’s Society was held in St Andrew’s Home this afternoon to view the new colors which they are presenting to the 5th Royal Highlanders, the presentation of which it is hoped will be made in the spring by HRH the Governor General.