Montreal Gazette, 29 November 1957, page 11


Debutantes to Curtsy to ‘Friend’

If curtsies are nervous tomorrow at the St Andrew’s Ball tonight, Montreal debutantes will have an understanding friend in Lady Maclean.

Wife of Sir Fitzroy Maclean, who is guest of honour at the ball, she considers the debutante’s bow “the biggest moment of a girl’s life.”

She is delighted that her own daughter, just about to make her bow in the Queen before the practice of presentation to royalty is abandoned a season hence.

“We’ll just be able to squeeze her in,” said the attractive  and friendly Scottish aristocrat.  “It’s such a pity that this practice won’t continue.  I hope that you will carry on with it here.”

She herself was presented to King George VI just before the last war and her chief memory of the event was “we had to wear three feathers and a train.” She cannot recall the significance of the three feathers but remembers “they were ostrich plumes and very pretty.”

This is Lady Maclean’s first visit to Canada but she hopes it won’t be her last.

“We’ve made so many friends so quickly, we’ve simply got to come back.”

Keen to See

Her interest in Canada began long before this visit, and are things she is eager to see are the Rocky Mountains and the Calgary Stampede.

“There is a mountain in the Rockies named after my father.  I’ve seen pictures of it and it is lovely, but I would like to see it.”  She isn’t sure of the mountain’s name for her father, the later Lord Lovat, was also known by his family name, Simon Fraser.

The interest in the Calgary Stampede springs from her brother’s visit there.  The present Lord Lovat has been a  [portion illegible]

Lady Maclean and Sir Fitzroy have only a few days of Canada but hope to have time to meet some of the Maclean clan which have settled in Canada.

“We’re interested in meeting a branch of the clan here. My husband is president of the Maclean Association of Scotland and we’re wondering if there is enough interest here to open a branch.”

Yesterday, Sir Fitzroy and Lady Maclean met Montreal’s new Mayor Sarto Fournier.  Lady Maclean looked forward to the meeting and the opportunity of using her French

French is a second language for both Lady Maclean and her husband. “We were both educated half in French,” she said.  She has brought up her children three sons and a daughter to speak fluent French.

Brought up in aristocratic surroundings, Lady Maclean is not disturbed by the fact that life has changed in Britain to the extent that young ladies often work for their living.

“I think that change is a good thin,” she said.  “It makes women more able to cope with life.”

The charming extremely youthful Lady Maclean has only one eccentricity and that is smoking cigars.  “I never smoke cigarettes,” she said, “but if someone offers me a cigar, I can really enjoy it.”