Montreal Daily Star, 31 October 1911, page 2


Hallowe’en Concert by Caledonian Society


Mayor Guerin Speaks Highly of Society’s Work


With the Windsor Hall crowned to capacity, and the proceedings opened by the wild skirl of the bagpipes playing by marching pipers, led by Pipe-Major Johnston, the 52nd annual Hallowe’en Concert under the auspices of the Caledonian Society last night, was a pronounced success.

Mayor Guerin gave a little introductory speech in which he spoke very highly of the Caledonian Society.  He liked it, he said, because it was an intensely patriotic society, fostering good citizenship and proving a powerful magnet to draw thrifty young men to Canada.

Besides the Mayor, President WC McAllister had supporting him on the platform, Lt-Col Gardener of the St Andrew’s Society; Mr James Mitchell, President of the St George’s society; Major Rodden president of the Irish Protestant Benevolent Society; and Mr Davies president of the St David’s Society.

The programme was a long and highly interesting one and [illegible] thus of the [illegible] was Miss Mina Taylor, Mr Frederick Carter, Miss Barbara Foster, and Mr [illegible] sword master [illegible] Pipe Major Wm Johnston, [illegible] Miss [illegible].