Montreal Daily Star, 24 November 1911, page 8


Manhood Suffrage and the Suffragette


Every woman in Canada who is interested in the cause of women have been following with the keenest attention the progress of the Conciliation Bill in the English House of Commons.  Word now comes across the ocean that this bill has been checked by the introduction of a Manhood Suffrage Bill which will give the vote to a comparatively small number of women when there may be an amendment to the Manhood Suffrage Bill giving the vote to all women?  Such is the specious argument of the Liberal Government which is met with the greatest wrath and indignation by the suffragettes.  Miss Christabel Pankhurst writing of it in Votes for Women, says, in part:

“The statement that a Franchise Bill is to be introduced which gives no place to women is, quite apart from its practical consequences, an outrage upon woman’s dignity.  The insolence of the proposal is intensified by the fact that the Manhood Suffrage Bill is not put forward in response to any demand. There is no agitation for Manhood Suffrage.  The Manhood Suffrage Bill is simply an expedient for wrecking Woman suffrage and building up a solid wall against the enfranchisement of women.  The Manhood Suffrage Bill is not the answer  to a demand for votes for women.

“The Government’s latest attempt too cheat women of the vote, is of course, inspired by Mr. Lloyd George.  The whole crooked and discreditable scheme is characteristic of the man and of the methods he has from the first employed against the Suffrage cause. As to those members of the Cabinet, including Sir Edward Grey, who were instrumental in getting facilities for the Conciliation Bill, their position is certainly an extraordinary one.  How is their connivance at Mr Lloyd George’s latest trick consistent with their personal or political honor?  That is the question the answer to which concerns them more than it concerns us.  We put not but trust in them, nor in any save by ourselves and in the Power that has breathed life into this movement from the beginning and will maintain it in dignity and in representing strength until the victorious end.