Montreal Daily Star, 1 December 1900, page 20



How it was celebrated in the various cities throughout Canada

With concerts and dinners

There was a touch of khaki in the colouring at the Toronto celebration


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Ottawa- December 1- St Andrew’s day was duly celebrated by Ottawa Scotchmen yesterday.  During the day many knots of “Brither Scots” exchanged greetings and reminicences.  In the afternoon the officers for the coming year were installed as follows: President, Hon Justice MacTavish; 1st Vice President Dr Baptie; 2d Vice President JB Spence; chaplain, Rev Wm McIntosh; physicians Dr PA McDougall, Dr FW McKinnon; corresponding secretary John McLachlan; recording secretary HH Rowatt; treasurer William Gray; solicitor AW Fraser; pipers James Anderson, Andrew Dunlop; auditors Messers Alex Spittal and Neil McIntosh; committee, AH Taylor, John Sutherland, JG Tarriff, Geo Stockand, H Fraser, Wm Grant, Duncan Bell, H Allan, JR Reid.  At night the annual Scotch concert in the Russell theatre was largely attended.



(Special to the Star)

Woodstock- December 1- The loyal Scotchman of Woodstock and vicinity celebrated St Andrew’s Night with a dinner at the Commercial Hotel, which was attended by several hundreds.  The toast list included, “the Queen,” “God Save the Queen,” “Governor General,” “Army, Navy and Volunteers.”



Toronto- December 1- St Andrew’s Ball, last night, was the occasion of the greatest gathering that has ever taken place here under the auspices of the St Andrew’s Society.  The Governor General and Lady Minto were present and were received at the Pavillion, where the ball was held, by a guard of honour of 100 men of the 48th Highlanders and the pipe band.  The officers of the Garrison were present in dress uniform.  Many private gentlemen wore kilts and a large proportion of the ladies’ costumes were of tartan material.  The decorations wer of the red, white and khaki.



Quebec, December 1- the members of St Andrew’s Society and their guests celebrated Scotland’s national day by a grand banquet last evening at the Chateau Frontenac, at which there was a very large and select attendance.  Flags were flying to-day from all public buildings in honour of St Andrew’s Day.



London, Ont- December 1- The annual dinner of St Andrew’s Society was held at the City Hotel last night, there being a large attendance.  The usual greet of telegrams were received by the society, conveying greetings from Scotchmen from many points of America.  Among the speakers last night was Mr DC Fraser, MP of New Glasgow, NS.  Mr Fraser replied to the toast “The Scot away from Scotland,” in a creditable manner.  The other principal toasts were “The Canada that is to be” responded to by Rev WJ Clark, and “the land of our fathers” by Dr McCrae.



Winnipeg, Man- December 1- St Andrew’s Banquet here last night in the LelandHotel was a magnificent affair, over two hundred guests being in attendance. Messages of fraternal greetings were received from all parts of the country.  Dr JD McArthur was elected president of the society for the ensuing year.