With five days left until I go to the polls, yesterday, I finally received my second pamphlet from a candidate in my riding. Yes that means I have now heard from two candidates out of the nine running.  Only two bothered to send one piece of paper to my residence, and those in my area, to say why they would be a good person to represent me. Two!
Amazing that it would take so long to get anything at all, amazing that so few would bother, and amazing that it is apparently so difficult to get their message out, when all they had to do was write a few paragraphs and then get the post office, or the junk mail advertisers to deliver it. We knew there was going to be an election months ago, and in that time all they did was get their posters made.
I have come to the conclusion that the politicians no longer respect the electorate. Don’t bother reaching out to them, and pray that a cute smile, and a catchy phrase will suffice. Talking is the leader’s job.