Well, it is now two weeks until the election, and I have still not received a single pamphlet or flyer from a candidate.  No one has bothered to send anything around.  There were a few advertisings in the local weekly paper, but they said nothing about the candidates themselves.  They resembled the signs on the light poles really- all fluff, no substance.

Angered at such a lack of respect on the part of the candidates to their electors I decided to write a letter to all of them railing at them for not caring to inform us of their qualities as representatives in the National Assembly.  So I had to research them out and find out their email addresses.  Well that was almost as bad as having to look at their posters!

On the bright side, the Elections Quebec official site lists each candidate running in the Hull riding and their agent.  Doesn’t provide contact information, but theoretically by googling them I should be able to get this information.  I say theoretically because that was not the case. Of the nine candidates only four provide an email address on their websites.  And man what an adventure it was finding them.

So here is a summary of what I could find out about my candidates.  I have them listed in alphabetical order.

Gilles Aubé is the candidate for the Parti québécois, and he does not provide an email for contact, but rather on his domained site he gives a form you can fill out.  It also makes you check if you want to receive PQ newsletter.  No thanks, that was not what I went to the site.  Was there much about the candidate?  No.

Étienne Boulrice is running for the « Coalition avenir Québec – L’équipe François Legault. » He does actually give an email address.  Not sure about the candidate because there wasn’t much there for me to understand his personal gifts to the job, but then I guess that isn’t important.

Bill Clennett is running for Québec solidaire.  He had no website of his own, and actually the party website has no email address for contact.  All there is is another unfortunate copy of his election picture.  On the bright side he has two entries in Wikipedia, one for the Shawinigan handshake, and the other for himself.  Is this a plus?

Marc Fiset is running for the Parti nul.  There was nothing about him on the internet, but I am guessing he is going for the protest vote seeing the name of the party, and all.

Jozyam Ilsa is running for the Green Party.  The party website give an email address for her, but little else.  Although searching her on the internet yielded a protest letter about service in French at Ikea on the Alliance Francaise website.

Maryse Gaudreault is apparently the incumbent.  That is good to know.  She is running for the Quebec Liberal party.  She does have a website domain name and it provides a copy of her election poster and a link to the Liberal site where you can hear everything her leader has said.  Her leader, not her.

Gabriel Girard Bernier is running for the Parti marxiste-léniniste du Québec.  According to Wikipedia he is the perennial Marxist candidate in the area.  He doesn’t have a website, so there is no email.

Kamal Maghri is running for the  Québec Citizens’ Union and he does give an email address and he does say why he wants to run, and what he is running for.  Good job.

Mikaël St-Louis is running for Option nationale.  Apparently he is on Facebook and Twitter, and if you see his tweets you can see he is more for bad-mouthing his opposition than actually providing an alternative.  According to a site on the web though, he admired Khaddaffi.  Not sure if the site is credible, but since the gentleman hasn’t provided any information on himself, he is going to have to deal with others talking for him.

So what about that letter?  Well since I cannot reach all of them, it seems like I am picking on the few who were considerate enough to be reachable.  But here is what I was going to say.


Dear Candidates,

Well it has been over two weeks since the election was called and I have yet to receive any information about you as candidates.  I am curious why you would think that sticking up an election poster would be sufficient for the conscientious elector to choose their representative?  I am sure you think that such an elector would be listening to your leaders as they slug it out in the press, and of course, I am.  But here is the thing, none of the party leaders running in this election are running in this riding, so while what they say has import, I won’t actually be voting for any of them.  I will be voting for one of you.  It is your bum in the seat at the National Assembly which will be representing my interests, not theirs.

I humbly ask that you please consider that I will not actually be voting for you based on the lame election posters you have erected around my house, and that the pithy slogans your parties have chosen say nothing at all about what you actually will bring to the position of MNA.  I am not asking for the universe, but merely a pamphlet which states what kind of experience you have, your personal gifts, and your policies as they pertain to the riding.  You can send them to me in French, so there is no extra effort required on your part.

You are asking me to give you a job which pays a lot of money, and to give you leave to speak for me in our National Assembly.  This is big, and quite frankly, I would expect that you would have made more of an effort to communicate your qualifications.

So please send out pamphlets, and perhaps, make an effort to actually visit the neighbourhood I live in.