Montreal Daily star, 21 July 1911, page 8



It is not always easy to write letters when off on a vacation but, if anyone who will be made happier by writing it should be done, no matter at what sacrifice of time and inclination.  There is a great deal, too much fuss, made about writing letters anyhow.  So many persons make such a business of it.  It is a work to get the ink, the pen, paper and envelopes.  It is a work to sit down and compose a letter.  Everyone should have all the necessities on hand and then surely it is a very little matter to sit down and chat for a few minutes on paper.  Do not trouble about composition, about grammar, about anything except the fat that you are going to talk for a few minutes with a friend who is interested in what you are doing and what you are seeing.  People seem to think that when they write letters they must only write of matters of tremendous importance.  Such bosh.  What the recipients of letters from friends want is to get all the little daily happenings.  The best letter writer I know tells of all the little things of life, how the dogs are, if the cat has a new family of kittens, how lovely the hollyhocks are in the garden, what a success the new frock is and what a failure the new cook.  I have seen men and women sit down to write a letter and screw their foreheads all up and sit motionless pen in hand for minutes at a time trying to think of something to say, something to fill up space with.  Yet if the friend to whom they are writing were sitting there opposite them, they would have plenty to say.  There is the new book in discuss, the people one has met, the places one has been to.  The real trouble about a letter is not what to say, but what not to say.  There is always so much even in places where nothing happens that it is difficult to stop.  Writing letters is all a habit anyhow.  And the sooner those who have not already formed the habit to do so the better.  Think of all the friendships broken, the relations estranged for lack of a few words on paper.  A letter is a small thing but one of tremendous importance.