So it has now been a few days since the elections were called for the province of Quebec.  And I have been patiently waiting to see what the candidates in my riding have to offer.  And waiting, and waiting.  No phone calls (not that I  am complaining necessarily about that), no pamphlets in the mail, no visits from politicians or any of their flunkies. Nothing really, except the signs.

So based on the only information that the candidates have offered me to date, I am now going to say what I think about them.  I know it is shallow to judge them on so very little information, but quite frankly that is their fault.  They haven’t given me anything more to judge them by.

Those signs!  Some general observations: Party leaders should not allow their election posters to be airbrushed.  Seriously what is the point?  You are on the news all the time, and in the newspapers, and they do not do you any favours and airbrush you, so we know what you really look like. The images for one party have the candidate in what can only be described as an action shot, where he is looking to his left, and his mouth is open.  Unfortunate.  To the party that has both the leader and the local candidate together on the poster:  did you have to photo shop the two of you together?  Have you two ever met?  Would it be so hard to have a picture where you actually look like you are together, on the same page, and perhaps friendly? Did you know someone has already taken this image and photo shopped a beluga whale next to the leader?  Yeah, because it is so easy, and your sign is so obviously fake.

And your slogans!  Seriously did you think these out?  The Liberals have the catchy slogan of “Pour le Quebec” as if you wouldn’t be for Quebec, since you are running for office in Quebec.  Were your alternatives- “Against Quebec”, or “For Ontario”?  The Parti Quebecois use “A Nous de Choisir” again- really?  Because I thought elections meant that I couldn’t choose.  The CAQ state “C’est assez, faut que ca change,” which I suppose is better.  However, I went to their website, and it is translated as “Enough, vote for change” which does not have the same punch, as in French you say things have to change, and in English you just say you are voting for change.  Change though, is not necessarily a positive thing, especially the way you say it in English.  And lastly there is the Quebec Solidaire party that state on the signs near my house “Debout pour Hull.”  I guess this is catchy and positive sounding, as it means you are standing.  But let’s face it you are seeking a seat for Hull, and so really you will be sitting for Hull if you are successful.

No, I am not particularly impressed.  Going back to my last election post, you are seeking a job that pays a lot of money, and requires (theoretically) a lot of work and responsibility on your part.  Is it not fair to ask that you actually try and make me believe you are going to do the job properly and actually earn this great pay?  After all my taxes went towards that cheque that you seek.