Montreal Daily Star, 19 April 1911, page 8




The little folks in the nursery will not appreciate the rich coloring and soft texture of a Smyrna or a Dhagestan, but they will be delighted beyond expression with one of the pretty blue Delft rugs with a border all around of jolly Dutch children dancing an endless “ring around the rosy” at the edge.  The cool boat blue coloring with the tiny Dutch babies in blue and black on cream ground is just the thing for a neat and cheerful nursery, and wall paper may be had to match the rug, with blue Delft color from the wainscot up, and below that- in range of little eyes- the same jolly Dutch dancing children.  White paint, white curtains in the windows and window seats with cushions of blue denim will complete a charming interior.  On the blue walls may be hung the pictures and colored prints suitable for children, with frames of white enameled wood, and the simple nursery hair and low tables will also be white.  Some low white enameled shelves over which blue denim curtains are drawn, may be built in a corner for the tidy stowing away of playthings not in use, and as a final touch of color red geraniums may be placed in one window and a jar of goldfish in the other.