A shame there weren’t pictures, but the outfits seemed to have been a very important part of the event.

Montreal Daily Star, 1 December 1900, page 20



Some of Handsome Toillettes Worn at St Andrew’s Ball

Dresses of the Palest Hues

Chiffon and Lace, Silver Embroidery and Flowers Everywhere in Evidence


The gowns worn were extremely pretty for the most part, and were, with the exception of a few black dresses, almost all of the palest hues.  Though the ball was not perhaps as remarkable for the number of debutantes present as was that of last year, when over forty were included among the guests, there was nevertheless a great many, and in consequence white was greatly in evidence.  Chiffon and lace seemed the favourite fabrics, and silver embroidery and flowers the favourite garniture.


Mrs Montagu Allan gown of black jetted net, with incrustations of white lace, the bodice trimmed with touches of scarlet satin and scarlet poppies.

Mrs JS Allan, black satin and American Beauty roses.

Miss Beatrice Allan gown of nile green satin embroidered with silver sequins; bouquet of lilies of the valley and violets.

Miss Angus, white lace with sash of cerise chiffon.

Mrs Wm Agnew, mauve brocade trimmed with pearl passementerie.

Miss K Agnew, pale green brocade, trimmed with mousseline de soie.

Mrs Bury Austin, black sequined net; American Beauty roses.

Miss Baird, Toronto, pink chiffon over pink silk.

Mrs Baumgarten, gown of yellow satin with collar of Duchess lace, and violets.

Mrs R English Brayley, gown of white satin, veiled with black Chantilly lace.

Miss Brayley, gown of white mousseline de soie, over white taffeta, trimmed with white heather, bouquet of white roses.

Miss Stevenson Brown, white satin trimmed with chiffon and pearl passementerie.

Miss Broster (New York) white dotted muslin over white silk, and trimmed with blue panne velvet.

Miss Burnett, white chiffon over pink satin.

Miss Isobel Burke, white point d’esprit, over white silk

Mrs DW Campbell, white satin glace.

Miss Carter (Kingston) white silk embroidered in silver.

Miss Amy Cassils, white crepe de chine, embroidered in gold, red carnations.

Miss Edith Cassils, white chiffon over yellow satin trimmed with white lace, red carnations.

Mrs ES Clouston, gown of black lace.

Miss Clouston, pink satin and chiffon.

Miss M Clouston, gown of blue chiffon and white net and pink roses.

Miss Coristine, gown of white corded silk.

Miss F Minden Cole, gown of Nile green brocade, embroidered with silver spangles, and bouquet of violets.

Miss Cook, pale blue satin and silver,.

Miss F Coverton, black brocade and black chiffon, yellow chrysanthemums

Miss Cox, white silk and lace

Miss Donner (Germany) white mousseline de soie and violets.

Mrs Huntley Drummond, white satin and lace, with pink carnations.

Miss Ewan, blue brocade with trimming of cream lace.

Miss A Ewan, gown of pink silk and lace.

Miss A Ewing, white pointe d’esprit over pink satin

Miss Ellis, gown of pink chiffon and cream insertion over cream stain slip, and trimmed with rachinas of white chiffon and pearl embroidery.

Miss M Ellis, cream satin trimmed with mousseline de soie, white roses.

Mrs Fysche, white silk with touches of black velvet.

Mrs Walter Fleming, Pompadour silk and lace, over white tulle underskirt.

Mrs PR Gault white satin and point lace.

Mrs CE Gault, black pailetted net, with white tulle underskirt.

Miss L Graham, black dotted silk net [illegible] with ribbons, the skirt made with pledings edged with ribbon.

Miss Gardner, yellow brocade trimmed with pearl passementerie.

Mrs JN Greenshields, gray and silver brocade, corsage of silver with black velvet trimmings.

Miss Isabel Greenshields, gown of ivory toile, draped over an accordion pleated chiffon skirt, corsage of pearl embroidery and chiffon; bouquet of white rose buds.

Miss Glass gown of cream gauze, embroidered with gold, trail bunches of violets with heather.

Miss H Gardner, white silk trimmed with chiffon, and pink flowers.

Miss Hickson, pale blue satin and lace.

Mrs F Hird, white lace over white silk, pink carnations.

Mrs GR Hooper, gown of gray satin embroidered in steel, with skirt of gray net, arranged in flounces.

Mrs Hosmer, gown of lavender silk, embroidered in steel and trimmed with point lace.

Miss Hosmer, white chiffon and lace gown, embroidered in silver.

Miss Kerr, white silk and lace

Mrs EA Lilly, black satin with over dress of Brussels Lace, trimmed with jet.

Miss Muriel Lilly, gown of white Duchess satin, trimmed with mousseline de soie, and embroidered with silver sequins.

Mrs SE Lichtenheim, blue and white silk, with appliqué of blue velvet and silver Duchess lace.

Mrs DW Lockerby, white brocade, with silver pailettes and white lace.

Miss Dorothy Lyman, pink silk trimmed with tulle and black velvet.

Miss Manning (Boston) white satin and lace

Miss Evelyn Marler, tucked white crepe de chine, trimmed with white lace

Miss Winnifred Marler, white satin the skirt trimmed with ruches of Brussels net edged with white satin baby ribbon and silver, the corsage arranged with a garniture of blush roses.

Miss Macauley (St John, NB) gown of blue crepe de chine, over blue silk; violets.

Mrs March (Kingston) black silk trimmed with jet

Miss Mackedie, white silk and chiffon

Mrs AR Macdonell, pale green liberty satin brocade trimmed with Brussels point; pink roses.

Mrs R Meighen, yellow satin and lace, trimmed with bands of mink.

Mrs McCuaig cream lace and touches of orange velvet.

Miss McEachern yellow satin and lace

Miss McNiece, white taffeta, trimmed with pink miroir velvet, bouquet of violets.

Miss A McPherson, white chiffon over white taffeta slip, the bodice embroidered with silver sequins; American Beauty Roses.

Mrs H McLaren, white satin and lace with pink roses and maiden hair fern.

Miss Nelson, white satin and lace.

Miss Ella Nelson (New York) white lace over white silk.

Mrs G Nicholson, blue satin and white lace

Miss Lily Ogilvie, white net over white silk, white roses

Mrs Hugh Paton, black lace over white silk, and American Beauty roses.

Miss F Pelton, gold broquade, appliqué with white and gold

Miss R Pelton, white brocade, trimmed with chiffon; lilies of the valley

Mrs Godfrey Pelton, black sequined net over black satin, trimmed with lace.

Miss Pelton, blue brocade, trimmed with black chiffon and sequins; bouquet of red roses.

Mrs Charles Percy, black velvet and point lace

Miss Lorraine Percy, gown of white satin and chiffon and lace; bouquet of white roses.

Miss L Peterson, white net over white silk, daisies

Mrs Pritchard (London, Eng) black satin and point lace; bouquet of roses

Mrs AF Riddell, gown of black chiffon over blue satin; bouquet or red roses

Miss Georgette Roy, gown of cream chiffon trimmed with Venetian point and touches of green velvet

Mrs GD Ross, black lace over white satin

Mrs Ross, black net embroidered in silver

Miss Ross, white satin trimmed with chiffon and pearls

Miss Beatrice Rawlings, black sequined net, over black with touches of cerise velvet

Miss Edith Rawlings, gown of tucked black silk grenadine over black silk, and trimmed with jet and green velvet on the bodice

Miss L Ross, white liberty satin, chiffon and pearls

Miss Shaughnessy, white lace over white silk, embroidered in silver sequins

Mrs William Stanway, gown of pale gray moiré, the corsage embroidered in steel; American Beauty roses

Miss May Stephens, gown of pink satin, embroidered in silver paillettes and trimmed with sable, bouquet of violets and lily of the valley

Miss E Stephen, white dotted chiffon, and red ash berries.

Miss Sally Stephen, red chiffon.

Miss L Stevenson, white satin

Miss E Sutherland, white satin

Mrs Thomas Tait, gown of white silk spotted with black and trimmed with black velvet baby ribbon; jacket effect of white lace with broad belt of pale green panne velvet

Madame HT Taschereau, gown of garnet satin, the skirt made with panels of brocade, and the bodice trimmed with point lace

Miss Taschereau gown of white point d’esprit, trimmed with becordeon pleated flounce of mousseline and guipure lace.

Mrs WW Watson, jet gown over black satin

Mrs Brock Willett, black jetted net over black silk, pink roses.

Miss Willet, white embroidered net over white silk, and violets

Mrs E Willet, gown of white embroidered net, violets

Mrs Reginald Wilson (New York) black brocade and pink roses

Mrs HB Yates, white satin, embroidered in pearls, bouquet of violets and lilies of the valley.