Montreal Daily Star, 1 December 1900, page 20

Century’s End St Andrew’s Ball





The scene was extremely pretty, the picturesque decorations of the ball-room making a delightful background for the swirling mass of colour formed by the brilliant lines of the costumes and the officers’ uniforms.  The decorations were in excellent taste and were as unique as they were successful.  In these a radical departure was made from the custom of former years, and flowers and foliage took the place of bunting, the flags, and the military emblems which have hitherto held the place of honour in decorations.  From the great centre chandelier, which was gracefully festooned with long tendrils of smilax, hung heavy ropes of laurel, that were caught in festoons reaching to the walls and to the corners of the room, and from there hanging almost to the floor between the windows.  The two chandeliers flanking the centre one were similarly treated, the great ropes of greenery where they intersected being caught and tied with streamers of brilliant tartan silk.  The balcony was draped with garlands of laurel and the window sills banked with small palms and gracefully hanging vines.  The electroliers were completely hidden by huge nosegays of various coloured chrysanthemums, while at intervals around the ball-room were placed big laurel trees banked by quantities of palms and a profusion of chrysanthemums.  It was only in the arrangement of the dais that flags were used, and there they were employed to the best advantage, being gracefully draped, and skillfully combined with the palms that formed there as elsewhere in the ball-room, so important a feature of the decorations.  On each side of the dais groups of palms and easy chairs were placed, and the orchestra, which was stationed above the dais, was screened with palms.  The ante-room at the entrance to the ball-room was made comfortable by means of rugs and numbers of easy chairs and easily divided favour with the corridors and drawing rooms, as a sitting out place.  To the left of the ball-room there was a buffet, where light refreshments were served throughout the evening.