In honour of the Montreal Highland Games which will be occuring in just over a week, here is a look at the games as they were in 1911.


Montreal Daily Star, 24 July 1911, page 4




The Annual games of the Montreal Caledonia Society were all that could be desired, from point of competition as well as from point of attendance and as an entertainment, they were a huge success, for the attractions were as many as those of a monster Three Ring Circus; with the midway of Dominion Park as a side show, and people were kept entertained from early afternoon to almost midnight.  Scottish dances and Bagpipe competitions taking up a great part of the day’s programme.

Twenty-seven comprised the Athletic list, and they were all well contested.  Mr Aleck Bowles, himself at one time an athlete of no mean caliber, a devotee of Lacrosse and a boating man of prominence, acting as starter.

As the result of the competition, the championship cups were awarded as follows:-

Lt.-Col Stevenson Cup- Wm Johnston

McAlister Cup- Tie, John Matheson and James Burns

McMartin Perpetual Cup, MAAA; Montreal Star Cup, MAAA; Birks Cup, Emma Henderson; Sharpe Cup, 2nd Battalion Royal Highlanders; Rutherford Cup, No team, Caledonia Rooms; Ross and Grieg Cup, MAAA; Lt Col Lockerby, Senior Caledonia Rooms; Lt-Col Lockerby Jr, Walter L Dickson.



1 Bagpipe competition, march- John Matheson 1st; James Burns 2nd; Wm Johnson, 3rd.

2. Bagpipe competition, strathspey and reel- James Burns 1st; John Matheson 2nd; Wm Johnston 3rd; John Matheson and James Burns tied for the McAllister Cup, signifying the championship of these two events.

3. Bagpipe competition for members who have never won a prize in the society’s games- C Aitken 1st; A Brown 2nd.

4. Putting 21 pound shot (open)- Desmarteau, NAAA, 29 ft 2 in, 1st; HG Jackson, 2nd; L Morel, 3rd.

5. Putting 56 lb weight (open)- Z DEsmarteau, 1st; JT McHugh 2nd; HG Jackson, 3rd.

6. Putting 10 pound sht (sons of members)- WS Dickson, 29 ft 9 in 1st; J McK Smith 14 ft 1 in, 2nd

7. Throwing 16 lb hammer (Open)[ Desmarteau, NAAA, 114 ft 4 in 1st; HG Jackson, 2nd

8. Running Broad Jump (open)- W Happenny, MAAA 20ft 2 in 1st; W Parkes MAAA, 20 ft, 2nd; JA Platt MAAA 19ft 4 in 3rd.

Running Broad Jump (sons of members)- W Dickson 16 ft 1st; Lorne Anderson 12 ft 2nd; J McK Smith 3rd.

10. High jump (open) – TW Evans, YMCA 5ft 5 in 1st; Chas Stanley YMCA 5 ft 3 in 2nd; W Happeny MAAA 5ft 1 in 3rd.

11. High Jump (sons of members) W Dickson 4ft 6 in 1st; Lorne Anderson 3 ft 4 in 2nd.

Tug of War- Won by B Company, Royal Highlanders.



100 yards (sons of members under 10 years) A Henderson 1st; Alex Matheson 2nd; James Dickson 3rd.

100 yards (sons of members under 13 years) J McK Smith 1st; Kenneth Matheson 2nd; Hartland Bowles 3rd.

100 yards (sons of members under 16 years) J McK Smith 1st; Lorne Anderson 2nd; Kenneth Matheson 3rd.

100 yards (open) JA Platt MAAA 1st; GR McGregor MAAA 2nd

1 Mile (open) H Cowles MAAA 1st; EW King MAAA 2nd

220 yards (sons of members under 16 years) W Dickson 1st; J McK Smith 2nd; Fred Dancey 3rd.

220 yards (open) McGregor MAAA 1s; Platt MAAA 2nd; Fr Dicken 3rd

2 miles relay race (open)won by MAAA team with Coates, Mansfield Haig and King.

440 yards (open) Wm Parker YMCA 1st; Mansfield MAAA 2nd

220 yards for Highland Cadets in drill order uniform, Sturgess 1st; Murdock 2nd; Ware 3rd.

880 yards (open) Heber MAAA 1sr; King MAAA 2nd; Pelletier, National 3rd.

220 yards (open for boys under 16 years) W Dickson MAAA 1st; E Hillridge, unattached 2nd; A Matheson, Caledonian 3rd.

3 mile junior harrier race for boys under 18 years- C Clarke YMCA 1st; G McLoughlin St Pats AAA 2nd; JF O’Shaughnessy St Pats AAA 3rd; J Ogilvie 4th; TV Riley 5th’ W Bowden 6th

At the evening events in the park Master Fraser, Miss Ethel Henderson and Miss Ethel Strader were given first, second and third prizes respetively for best dressed boy or girl in Highland costume.  In the dancing competitions Fred Riddell took first prize; Wm Johnston second; and David Dunn third.

Miss Emma Henderson won the Highland fling competition with Miss Strader second.

The Ghillie Callum was won by Wm Johnston, David Dunn was second, and JR Smith third.  In the junior Ghillie Callum, Miss Emma Henderson was second and Miss Ethel Strader third.

Other results were:-

Shean Trews- Wm Johnston first; Fred Riddell second; Wm Pol third.

Sailors Hornpipe- Wm Johnston, first; Fred Riddell second; JR Smith third.

No 12 Quoiting- first round:

G Anderson 21       Wm Boyd 18

A Lindsay  21         M Leafer 17

J Todd 21              D Fergusn 12

W Hughes 21         P Denver 12

Second Round:

W Hughes 21         A Lindsay 14

GW Anderson 21    J Todd 17

Third Round:

GW Anderson 21    W Hodges 12

Fourth Round:

J Todd 21              Alex Lindsay 12

Result- First Prize GW Anderson; second prize Wm Hughes; Third prize John Todd.