Montreal Daily Star, 25 November 1911, page 24


Cabinet Pudding with Prunes.


Cut about one fourth a pound of cooked prunes into halves, lengthwise, removing the stones.  Line a quart brick mould or a small, brick loaf bread pan with paper and butter thoroughly; decorate with halves of prunes with half a blanched almond in the centre of each; press slices of stale sponge cake against the decorations; add more prunes, then cake, until the mould is filled.  Beat three eggs and a half a teaspoonful of salt and one third a cup of sugar, mix and add one cup and three fourths of milk; mix again and pour over the cake and prunes in the mould. Set in a dish on many folds of paper (a kitchen holder is often convenient for this purpose) and surround with boiling water.  Let cook until firm in the centre.  It will take about an hour. Serve with stewed prunes or the hard sauce into which a cup of prune pulp and juice has been beaten.