So I have just finished the unenviable task of scannning the family slides and negatives.  It has been interesting work, but tiring.  On the bright side, outside of some nice images of me as a child, and I was an adorable little kid, there were some photos that Dad took of some dogsledding.  What makes these images stand apart from the norm, for me, is that they are sledding on that stretch of land that lies between Richmond Road and Byron Ave (used to be the streetcar route) on the corner of Woodroffe Avenue.  I cannot say what the occasion was, or exactly when, although the images seem to date from about 1966-7, when some of the other images on the negative were taken. 

above is the first view….

The dogs are cool, and I love the view of the Shouldice Grocery Store, and Royal Donut…..

My goodness Richmond Road has changed a lot in the last 40 something years!  Could this happen on the road today?  (Well not literally today because it is 36C outside, but more in this era)