Montreal Daily Star, 23 January 1911, page 3

Curling Sketches No. 3

Mr FF Barr of the Heather Curling Club, is known to be in more ways than one the “biggest curler inMontreal,” and this fact, considered from a standpoint of physique, can readily be appreciated when it is stated that he is some six feet four inches in height.  He has always been deemed a very careful and consistent player, and when he faces the tee his reach almost allows of his placing the iron past the hog at the other end of the rink before the stone reaches the los. Before joining the brethren of the Heather Club, of this city, Mr Barr was an enthusiastic curler in Toronto, where the granite stones are in general use, in conversation with the Star the other day, one of the skies under whom Mr Barr is playing, laughingly stated that he had to give him instructions through a megaphone or stand on a platform when he wished to inform his steady “third shot” what was required.  In former years Mr Barr has held office in the Heather Club, while in business he is associated with the Canadian Bag Company.