Montreal Gazette, 9 November 1901, page 9


Montreal To Observe the King’s Birthday

Business will be suspended and there will be various social functions


“God Save the King!” This day, throughout the largest, most powerful, wealthiest and civilized Empire ever seen, will be observed as a public holiday, and it is the first official observance of the King’s natal day as such.  Heretofore inMontrealthe occasion was usually celebrated with a ball and in the olden days when the regular militia were stationed here, that hall was a gala affair, – something is think of and talk about for days after.  The Queen’s death and an act of Parliament has now made of it a day when throughout allCanadathe banking and commercial houses  will be closed, and the work in the Government and civic offices will be suspended for the day.  The post offices will be open for the regular holiday hours only.  Of course there will be festivity in the way of dinners, suppers, concerts and private entertainments.  Lord Strathcona and Mount Royal will give a dinner tonight at theWindsorto the officers of various city corps, and it will, undoubtedly be a royal spread.  There will be about 150 guests at the dinner proper, who will be joined by the ladies afterward.

The commanding officer of the Prince of Wales Fusiliers will also entertain a number of officers at a dinner party in the Drill Hall.

Gunpwoder will of course, be burned.  A detachment of the second Regiment of the Canadian Artillery, under command of the Capt Renouf, will fire a royal salute inWestmoutnParkat 2 o’clock, and the regimental band under the leadership Mr. Hardy will also be present.  The 3ed Montreal Field Battery will fire a royal salute  at noon on the Champ de Mars.  The men will parade at the armoury at 1 o’clock.  Heretofore the royal birthday salutes were fired on St Helen’sIsland.  Owing however to the inconvenience of getting the men to and from the island, this new departure has been taken and many are pleased with the change.  The Victoria Rifles will celebrate the occasion by holding a progressive euchre party at the armoury.  The Westmount Sons of England will fire a royal salute at noon inWestmountPark.  A band will be on hand, also a number of the older Sons of England from the city, and it is said that it will be largely attended.  If the day is fine, by many Montrealers availing themselves of the opportunity to get out into the country. McGillUniversitywill observe the holiday by holding no lectures, and there will be no clinics at any of the hospitals.

Edward VII from Encyclopedia Britannica