Montreal Daily Star, 30 November 1911, page 2


Successful Complexion Renewing Treatment


A treatment for sallow, muddy or blotchy complexions that is always successful is the nightly application of plain mercolized wax from one to two weeks. This method is sure to succeed for the simple reason that it literally takes off and discards the old complexion.  The mercolide in the wax possesses the peculiar property of absorbing the worn-out faded or discoloured surface skin, coming off a little each day, in fine, almost invisible particles that no inconvenience or discomfort is experienced- and the most careful observer cannot detect the use of this treatment.

The mercolized wax, which can be had at any drug store, is applied the same as cold cream, but not rubbed in, and washed off in the morning.  The new complexion produced in this way, exhibiting the true beauty of health, is not to be compared with the kind made by cosmetics.

[Note from Gilliandr- yeah, not a good idea, great complexion- perhaps, as mercolized means the use of mercury.  A great looking corpse.]