Montreal Gazette, 23 November 1911, page 12

Look Out!

Many a man is looking out for his health , but looking for disease in the wrong direction.  He takes medicines for his nerves, which seem “gone to pieces”.  He “doctors” for his heart, which is acting irregularly.  He constantly stirs up his liver with pills and powder.  But he doesn’t get any better.  He is looking for the cause of his complaints in the wrong direction.

It is a common thing for some one who has used Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery for “stomach trouble” to find that when the diseased stomach is cure the ‘weak’ heart is made sound, the sluggish liver stimulated, and the throbbing nerves tranquilized.  This fact alone suggests the truth which every leading medical scientist knows and recognizes- that diseases which seem  remote from the stomach and other organs of digestion and nutrition.  When the diseased stomach and the digestive and nutritive systems are cured of disease the other organs are cured with them.

Food is the basis of life and of strength.  But it is not the quantity of food eaten which supports the life and health of the body. The body is sustained by that portion of the food which after being eaten is converted into nourishment and properly assimilated.

When the stomach and its allied organs of digestion and nutrition are diseased or ‘weak’ only part of the eaten is converted into nutrition , and the body and its organs are therefore only partly nourished.  Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery cures the diseases of the stomach and digestive and nutritive system which prevent the proper nourishment of the body.  In that way the body is once more strengthened in the only way possible, by food properly digested and perfectly assimilated.

Any person suffering from disease in chronic or aggravated form, is invited to consult Dr Pierce by letter free.  All correspondence strictly private and confidential.  Address Dr RV Pierce,Buffalo,NY.

There is no alcohol in “Golden Medical Discovery” and it is entirely free from opium, cocaine, and all other narcotics.

Accept no substitute for “Golden Medical Discovery”.  The main motive  of substitution is the desire of the dealer to make a little more profit out of you by selling you a less meritorious medicine.


Mr John Coughenour of Glensavagy, Somerset Co, Penns, writes: “I had been doctoring for about a year and a half being unable to work most of the time. The doctor said I had a heart disease and indigestion.  It began with a chocking and oppressed feeling in the chest; later on I was troubled with a hungry feeling and I seemed to be raw from my throat clear down to my stomach.  My appetite was unusually poor.  I was weak and nervous, and my heart kept throbbing continually, and I was short of breath.  Finally I wrote to you for advice.  I did not think your diagnosis was right, but I ordered six bottles of “Golden Medical Discovery” and began its use.  After using three bottles I began to improve slowly and soon went to work, and I have been working ever since.”


“I feel that I would be doing an injustice to you if I did not send you a statement of my case,” writes Mrs David W Guice of Hamburg, Franklin Co, Miss.  “I had liver complaint sudden indigestion.  Everything that I ate disagreed with me.  I suffered all the time with swimming in my head, heart beat too fast, my feet and hands were cold all the time.  Did not sleep well at all.  Was able to get about but very little.  I commenced to use Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery, and “Pleasant Pellets” in May 1897, and by December I could begin to get about very well. Have been doing my work, ever since except washing.  Feel better than I have for several years.  I would recommend Dr Pierce’s medicines to all who are troubled as I was.  I am now sixty-one years old and I thank you most kindly for the happy relief and care.”

Dr Pierce’s Pleasant Pellets assist the action of the Discovery, and should be used with it when a laxative is needed.