Sadly the pub night of May 12th had to be cancelled, but I had this quiz just lying around, waiting for it to be used.  So I offer it up here for all to play…..

Pub Night Quiz 2012

Scotland’s places


  1. What was the capital of Scotland before Edinburgh?
  2. What is reputedlyEdinburgh’s oldest building?
  3. What is the most westerly point on the Scottish mainland?
  4. Who wasFortWilliamnamed for?
  5. Where did St Columbus reputedly set foot on Mull en route toIona?

Scottish music

6. What was the title of the Eurythmics first top ten single?

7. Who co-wrote “Do they know its Christmas?” with Bob Geldof?

8. Name the musical headliner at last year’s Montreal Scottish festival?

9. Which group’s first album was called “Age of Consent”?

10. What city did Big Country start out in?

Stuarts, Stewarts and all that

11. Where did Charles Edward Stuart land in search of his father’s throne in 1745?

12. Who played Capt Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek the Next Generation?

13. How many Grand Prix did Jackie Stewart win in his career?

14. What “sexy” singer used to play for Brentford Football Club?

15. Who was the founder of the house of Stewart?


16. What university did James McGill go to?

17. What Oscar winning actress was born inMontreal?

18. When wereMontreal’s firstHighland/ Caledonian Games held?

19. When was theVictoriaBridgeopened?

20. When was the last time the Queen visitedMontreal?

Canadian Scots

21. The emigrants from which village inMullgave their name to a western Canadian city?

22. Which Scottish writer spent the last five years of his life as Governor General ofCanada?

23. Who drove the last spike of the CPR in 1885?

24. Which province had the first “official tartan”?

25. What Canadian engineer proposed standard time?


26. Where was the first British Open Golf Championship held in 1860?

27. Which Aston Villa director was considered the founder of the Football League?

28. What year did the British Rugby team split intoScotland,EnglandandWalesto compete in the World Cup?

29. Who was the last Scottish born player in the NHL?

And bonus point if you can name a team he played for?

Super Bonus Question:  Who was the guest of honour at the 2011 St Andrew’s Ball?




1. Dunfermline

2. St Margaret’s Chapel

3. ArdmanurchanPeninsula

4. William III

5. SalenVillage

6. Sweet Dreams

7. Midge Ure

8. Ashley MacIsaac

9. Bronski Beat

10. Dunfermline

11. LochNanUamh

12. Patrick Stewart

13. 27

14. Rod Stewart

15. Robert II

16. UniversityofGlasgow

17. Norma Shearer

18. 1855

19.  1859

20. 1976

21. Calgary

22. John Buchan (Baron Tweedsmuir)

23. Lord Strathcona

24. Nova Scotia

25. Sandford Fleming

26. Prestwick

27. William McGregor

28. 2008

29. “Steve” James Stephen Smith (b.Glasgow, career 1985-2000)   Bonus: EdmontonOilers,ChicagoBlackhawks,CalgaryFlames

Bonus: Steve MacLean