Montreal Daily Star, 26 January 1911, page 8


The Poet’s Corner


The Birthday of Robert Burns

(January 25th 1759)


Sweet in the ear of fame of yore a bard

With lips a lover’s wooed the heart of time;

To him his love was meet reward,

Ere fame awoke to fine his song sublime;

Within his heart the sheen of nature glowed;

A patriot’s fire his noble sour endowed,

And heart and soul found ecstasy in rhyme,

That stirred the heart of time and soul of fame

To garland with the loves of men the poet’s name.


Twas where the landscape sighs when Bonnie Doon

Sings mournfully as winter stays its glee,

The cottar’s heart, in loght of Januar’s moon,

First heart the voice disguised of heaven’s decree

A Scottish poet born.  The north wind blew

A Hansel-blast, but none the omen knew

Though drear the willows soughed across the lea

And every somber pine and bearded oak

Sustained the solemn birthday hymn till day awoke.


AndScotia’s sons with patriotic cheer

Join festival to celebrate his birth

The spirit of his song still hovers near

To lustre friendship and its well-timed mirth:

His song was nature’s incense of the heart

With nought to hide because it knew no art-

The song of life as life is found on earth-

Sweetpess is sorrow, evil in the good

The only song man sings and yet has understood.


How oft his minstreisy entints our joys:

How oft his genius lindeth friends sincere:

If life and joy we know be but alloys,

‘Tis these his love and poesy endear:

Hail for the land whose poet-son he was:

Hail to the land that fought in freedom’s cause

Hail to its love as brethren let us seek

The virtue void of art, the patriot’s pride that’s meek

JM Harper