Montreal Daily Star, 1 December 1900, page 20

Century’s End St Andrew’s Ball


The Opening Social Event of the Season a Great Success


Were Many Debutantes


The Scheme of Decorations of the Ball-Room a Floral One and Most Unique


St Andrew’s Ball of [illegible] rank in the history of Montreal [illegible] with the most successful of [illegible] for although it may not have [illegible] at least fully equaled [illegible] and in the number of [illegible].  Although lacking the presence of [illegible] the Governor General and Lady Minto and the vice-regal party [illegible] much towards making the [illegible] last year’s dance, the ball [illegible] one of the gayest as well as [illegible] of the long line of triumphs that [illegible] to the [illegible] of St Andrew’s Society.


For years St Andrew’s had long been the gate through which the Montreal debutantes passed into society and this year’s ball was no exception to the general rule, but furnished its quota of ‘leads” whose dainty white frocks and [illegible] air of enthusiasm aided much [illegible] that even if deprived of them would still have been picturesque in the extreme.  Indeed, last night’s dance only served to emphasize the well-known fact that the annual ball is a [illegible] institution than no matter [illegible] private dance.  [illegible] immediate [illegible] in full swing until St Andrew’s day has come and [illegible] having been [illegible] in the [illegible] fashion, and the first of December ushered in to the cheerful notes of the bagpipes and the music of red and strathey.




In addition to the long list of subscribers present last night [illegible] the gallery end on the floor, the following guests received invitations:


His Excellency the Governor General and Lady Minto

Lieut-Governor Jette and Madame Jette

Right Hon Lord Strathcona and Lady Strathcona

Right Hon Sir Wilfrid Laurier, and Lady Laurier

Sir Charles Tupper and Lady Tupper

Major-General O’Grady-Haly and Mrs O’Grady-Hady

Lieut-Col Roy, DOC, and Madame Roy

The President St George’s Society and Mrs Smith

The President Caledonian Society and Mrs MacDiarmid

The President St Patrick’s Society and Mrs Doran

The President Irish Protestant Benevolent Society and Mrs Byrd

The PresidentSt JeanBaptiste Society and Madame Beique

The President German Society and Mrs Schultze

Rev James Barclay, DD and Mrs Barclay

Rev J Edgar Hill DD

Rev Dr J Clark [Illegible]

Rev Prof James Ross and Mrs Rss

Rev Prof MacVicar and Mrs MacVicar

The Mayor ofMontrealand Madame Prefontaine