Montreal Daily Star, 26 January 1900, page 11


Death of Mr JP Bickell


The death is announced of Mr John Palmer Bickell, who passed away at his residence here, aged 71 years.  Mr Bickell was formerly a resident ofQuebec, and one time prominent in the shipping business of that port.  The deceased was born inPlymouth,England, emigrating toCanadawhen still a young man, and entered into the ship chandler business atQuebec.  Later he formed a partnership with the late M I Wilson, and for a number of years the firm of Wilson, Bickell & Co, was one of the best known on this side of theAtlantic.  After amassing considerable wealth the firm removed toLiverpool,England, where they became ship owners, and at one time owned and sailed between fifty and sixty vessels.  Through the reverses the firm lost considerable of its wealth.  Mr Bickell was the father of Mr Henry Bickell, manager for McArthur Bros, Ltd ofQuebec, and of Mr William Bickell, of the firm of Whitehead & Turner, also ofQuebec, and of JP Bickell of Bickell & Marquis, ofMontreal.