Montreal Daily Star, 6 October 1900, page 16


Her Father was a Drunkard


A Plucky Young Lady Takes on Herself to Cure her Father of the Liquor Habit


Story of Her Success


A portion of her letter reads as follows- “My father had often promised mother to stop drinking, and would do so for a time, but then returned to it stronger than eve.  One day, after a terrible spree, he said to us: ‘It’s no use.  I can’t stop drinking.’  Our hearts seemed to turn to stone, and we decided to try the Tasteless Samaria Prescription, which we had read about in the papers.  We gave him the remedy, entirely without his knowledge, in his tea, coffee or food regularly, according to directions, and he never knew he was taking it.  One package removed all his desire for liquor, and he says it is now distasteful to him.  His health and appetite are also wonderfully improved, and no one would know him for the same man.  It is now fifteen months since we gave it to him and we feel sure that the change is for good.  Please send me one of your little books, as I want to give it to a friend.”


Sent Free to all- A sample of Tasteless Samaria Prescription gladly SENT FREE with full particulars in plain sealed envelope.  All letters considered sacredly confidential.  Address to the Samaria Remedy Co, 23JordanStreet,Toronto, Can.