As an academic I find that I am attending a number of conferences every year. And, with each conference comes the inevitable book bag.  I think that this is not an exclusive to academics.  I am finding that I have a plethora of cloth bags embossed with the name of the conference and their major sponsors.  Sure these bags are great at the conference, being used to transport the notebooks, cardigans, water bottles and books purchased, at the conference.  In theory this usefulness carries on into my real life, where I can use the bags for my shopping and other things.  I save the environment by using them instead of plastic bags.  But oh Lord, I have too many of these bags.  I will never do the kind of shopping where all of them will be used.  So what to do?

Conference quilt!

Here it is, my conference quilt.  I have cut up the bags and sewn them on a blanket.  Yeah, right now there are gaps between the bags, and the bottom of the blanket (not shown) has not bags at all.  But fear not, I am going to at least two conferences this year, so there will be more.  And I still have way too many bags kicking around to use for my shopping.