This appeared in the Daily Star on two pages, and feature adorable images of children from Montreal and elsewhere in Canada.  They raised money for the soldiers of the Boer War.  These will take up a lot of space, but I want to include them all as they might be related to someone, and what a source of information for their families.  All the names appear below the images.

Montreal Daily Star, 3 October 1900, page 6


Children’s Testimonial to Queen Victoria and Patriotic Fund for Families of British Soldiers in the African Campaign



[List of Children pictured]

Harry and Alice Wills,WestmountQc

Isabel Maude Cox,Montreal

Margaret A Bain,Montreal

Gertie Curran,Montreal

Rosy Thorpe,Montreal

Gertrude Gittleson,Montreal

Louisa I Lanktree,Montreal

B Leinlein,Montreal


CN Shanley,Montreal

Kenneth Ruttan Stevenson,Montreal

May and Ruth de Jersey,Montreal

Jessie E Douglas,St JohnsQc

Vanessa L Taylor,MillviewPEI

Irene Tait,St LaurentQc

Miss Sadie Askinshy,Montreal

Edith McDonell,Montreal

Rachel E Price,Montreal

Miss V Kerr and sister

Edith Loucks,Montreal

Jessie Patterson,Montreal

Ethel Campbell,Montreal

Dorothy Rhynas Coles,Montreal

Katie Homer, Carberry Man


Arthur Graham,Montreal

Hugh Davidson,Montreal

Blair M Clerk,Montreal

Lester Lander,Montreal

Miss Ethel Trotter,Montreal

S Silverman,Montreal

Nellie Warburton,Montreal

Miss Lilly Cohen,Montreal

Willie A Goodfellow,Montreal

Leonard W Moody, Musquash, NB

Elsie Barnes,Montreal

Foster F Duval,St JohnNB

Ethel Ida Lidstone,Montreal

Clyde McCunn,Montreal

Peter Whitehead,Montreal

S Corks,Brooklyn, Mass

Lillian Tippett,Montreal

Irene Jeffrey,Montreal

Beatrice V Cunningham,Montreal

FME Mainwaring,Montreal