Montreal Gazette, 11 February 1961, page 18

Fashion with Hilda Meecham

Whenever the subject of when to wear gloves is mentioned. I can’t help recalling the time I met a pretty, young graduate of a charm school.  It was an evening in early spring and we were part of a group in one of the city’s private clubs. The occasion was informal but the keen fashion graduate never removed her white gloves the whole evening, not even when she smoked. It was obvious the youngster had taken her training to heart.

Gloves seem to bewilder a number of women.  It isn’t unusual for the fashion desk here to receive a phone enquiry concerning the wearing of gloves or what kind of gloves to wear on some given occasion. Paris gloves, a Montreal manufacturer, has just published a booklet on glove etiquette, listing the dos and don’ts of wearing gloves.  It says when to wear gloves, when to take them off, and which gloves to wear with what, is high on fashion editors “questions most often asked list.”

Printed in both French and English the booklet first deals with when gloves should be worn on the streets of cities and large towns, when going to church, to a luncheon, dinner or reception, to a dance, a wedding or restaurant. They also should be worn to a restaurant and in the theatre, adds the pamphlet.  “Smart women usually wear gloves while travelling on a train or a plane- or in any public conveyance.  On formal occasions, gloves are worn by the guests and by the hostess while she is receiving.

Turning next to when a lady removes her gloves, the booklet says “Gloves must always be removed before eating, drinking, smoking, playing cards or putting on make-up.  When lunching at a restaurant a lady removes her coat but keeps so her hat and gloves, removing her gloves when seated at the table. At dances, long gloves would be a part of a lady’s ensemble and as such, kept on.  The glove fingers should be tucked into the opening at the wrist while smoking or drinking, and the gloves entirely removed immediately upon sitting at the table. When gloves are worn merely as a covering they should be removed with the coat.

A lady never takes off her gloves to shake hands and never asks that her gloves be excused, adds the booklet. The most important point in choosing gloves is to make sure they fit and are comfortable. Gloves that are too tight tend to make hands look like appendages.  The length of the glove is decided by current fashion and the length of the sleeves. Shortie gloves to 8-button length are normally worn on the street, in daytime and for informal evenings.  Long gloves are kept for more formal occasions. The style of glove is dictated by fashion and the style of the outfit. Bracelets may be worn over long gloves, but never rings.