Montreal Daily Star, 17 November 1900, page 3


Things to know


This is a good way to use up odds and ends of worsted.  Knit a strip –“hit-or-miss”, ribbing two and two- twice, as long as it is wide.  Forty stitches is a convenient number to hang on your wooden needles.  Within an inch of the top and bottom of the strip widen and narrow alternatively as with the “cozy”.  When done, double the oblong in the shape of a bag, join the sides with a row of crocheting, run a ribbon in the loop-holes, and it is ready for use.  Those who have had the occasion (and who has not?) to use a rubber hot-water bag know how disagreeable is the sleek, scorching hot receptacle to the feet, or whatever part of the body to which it is applied.  This cover is slipped on after the bag is filled, the ribbon is drawn tightly over the mouth or about the neck, and the “comforter” put into the bed.  It is soon warmed and holds the heat all night, whereas the naked bag, too hot at first, cools before morning into a smooth reptilian horror.