Montreal Daily Star, 24 April 1900, page 6



The Secret of Happy Motherhood


Is Found in the Use of the Great Restorative- DR CHASE’S NERVE FOOD- It makes Women Healthy and Children Robust


It is the delight of every mother to see her children strong, healthy and happy.  She cannot expect them to be so unless she is in perfect health during the expectant period.  Then it is that the future health of the child is decided.


If mothers realized their duty to themselves and to their unborn child, their health would not be so neglected, and there would be fewer weak, puny, nervous children.  It is rich red blood and steady nerves that begets healthy children, and these foundations of good health come with the use of Dr Chase’s Nerve Food.


Here are quoted letters which illustrate the wonderful beneficial effects of Dr Chase’s Nerve Food on women and children.  It is the greatest restorative known to physicians to-day.


Mrs JM Bradley,100 James St.,Ottawa, writes:

“For several years I have been gradually running down in health.  I became nervous and weak, and worried greatly over my future.  Hearing of Dr Chase’s Nerve Food  and the wonderful results it has accomplished in others, I obtained a box and began to improve immediately, and am now restored to full health and vigor.  Dr Chase’s Nerve Food is an excellent remedy, and I can recommend it to all who are weak, nervous and run down.”


Mrs S Dempsey, Albury, Ont, writes:

“My little grand-daughter, nine years old, was pale and weak, she had no appetite, and seemed to be gradually growing weaker.  Dr Chase’s Nerve Food proved invaluable in her case, restoring health and color, and making her strong and well.”


Dr Chase’s Nerve Food has supplanted the weakening, debilitating purgatives, and Sarsaparillas as a Spring medicine.  Instead of weakening the body, Dr Chase’s Nerve Food builds up the fibres of the system; sends pure, rich, red blood coursing through the arteries, reconstructs the wasted nerve-cells, and prevents and cures the ills of spring.  In pill form, 50 cents a box at all dealers, or Edmanson Bates & Co,Toronto.