Montreal Daily Star, 9 August 1900, page 10


Special Price for Patriotic Buttons

17 for 15c while they last

Lowest price yet sold 350 for 17 buttons.  All Mail Orders must be accompanied by cash and 2c extra for postage, and no orders filled except for the 17 buttons.  Only one of each of the following Generals:

The Queen, Roberts, Buller,Methuen, MacDonald,Warren, French, Wingate, White, Hildyard, Gatacre, Dundonald,Kitchener, Otter, Steele and Laurier and Tupper.  All with the colored Union Jack background.


Fine hard enamel autumn colored maple leaf brooches, size of cut, 25c, with or without wordCanadaon brooch.  Small brooch pins or scarf pins, size of small cut at 15c each.  Ladies’ blouse sets, enameled Maple Leaf links and 3 maple leaf small pin brooches for front of blouses, with collar stud, for 75c.


Brooch as per cut,

With enameled Union Jack and Dominion Flag, also maple leaf and gilt British coat of arms, 25c, without 15c.


Union Jack small brooch or scarf enameled, size of cut, 10c each, also enameled Ensign flags at 10c. 

American Flag Brooch, made in extra good quality enamel, only 25c each.


The Best of All


A real bargain sure to be appreciated and admired by all who see it.  Our Medal- with words on it IN FAVOR OF OUR ABSENT MINDED BEGGARS IN SOUTH AFRICA cut out of solid metal, Maple Leaf, Gilt and enameled British and Canadian Flag.  One of the was sold for five pounds inSouth Africa.  An ornament for either Lady or Gentleman to wear… only 35c each.


Gentleman’s Coat Collar Springs only 10c each

Cannot be had anywhere else inCanada(will be in stock this week)

Address all orders as below:


Corner of Craig & Bleury Sts