Montreal Daily Star, 4 October 1900, page 2




A Cure for Rheumatism

A Cure for Back Pains

A Cure for Weak Kidneys


A cure for stomach and liver complaints for all pains and aches and for all troubles resulting from the want of sufficient energy to keep the body healthy.


Dr McLaughlin’s Electric Belt,

The modern cure, the grandest remedy of the age.  Worn while you sleep, it fills the body with electricity, which gives strength to every organ, makes the blood circulate more vigorously, warms the stomach, liver, overcomes all pain and restores vigorous strength to every part.  It is unlike every other electric belt on the market to-day.  It is new, has improvements contained in no other, it is stronger than any other, warranted for one year.  You can feel its soothing gloss, but it never burns nor blisters, having the Dr McLaughlin special cushion electrodes and regulator.

10,000 cures  Every town and hamlet in the country sings its praises; every town has a cure by the McLaughlin Belt.  It does not matter what has failed to cure you, if you are sick you will find it a glorious relief from your troubles.  Try it at once.

Three months’ trial  Any honest man who will secure me can have my Belt on three months’ trial, and if it does not cure him he need not pay for it.  Is that fair?  Will any other concern treat you as fairly?  Has any other man as much confidence in his remedy?  My Belt cannot fail.

Caution  Beware of old style, burning electrode Belts, which are using an imitation of my cushion electrodes.  My office contains hundreds of these old belts, discarded as useless and dangerous by persons whose bodies had been scared and scarred by the large metal electrodes.  I will make special terms to anyone having one of these old back burners. 

Call and see the improvements in my belt or write for my free look.

Dr M A McLaughlin,2303 St Catherine Street,MontrealQue

BetweenMcGill College AvenueandMansfield Street

Office Hours- 9 am to 6 pm, Sunday 10-1 pm Wednesday and Saturday evenings till nine.

Toronto, Ont, Sept 22nd 1900

“Dr McLaughlin: Dear Sir, – I have been a rheumatic sufferer for the last 35 years.  I have spent a vast amount of money in doctoring and even wore other electric belts, but found nothing that would give me such relief as your appliance.  When I got your belt I could not put on my shoes, and had not had a night’s rest for a month previous.  I felt improvement from the first, and these pains are now a thing of the past, and it is a pleasure to be free from them.  Yours Gratefully

George Nicholson,

No131 Lippincott Street”

“Niagara FallsS, Ont, Sept 15th ‘00

Dr McLaughin – Dear Sir- After suffering for 16 years with rheumatism and being so [illegible] at times that I could not walk.  I thank God that your belt has cured me.  I will always recommend it.  Yours truly

S Nickerson”