Montreal Daily Star, 17 November 1900, page 3


Things worth knowing


When packing a trunk, select the things which will be most suitable, and see that they require no mending, that there is no worn-out braid left on all the skirts, no hook absent, etc. Put them all side by side on the bed.  Lay a sheet of paper at the bottom of the box, and place all the heavy things, such as books, music, undergarments, boots and shoes (the latter inHollandbags or neatly wrapped in paper) in it.  See that the things are all laid tightly together; it is a great mistake to allow plenty of room in a trunk, for the contents only get shaken about and mussed.  If visiting and grips or a dress suit case are taken, they ought to contain all the blouses, ribbons, chiffons and evening things.  When the heavy things have been packed, a piece of paper should be placed over them, and the thick skirts should go in.  these should be carefully spread out on the bed first, made quite flat, and then folded lengthways.  Care should be taken to see that there are no creases whatever in them.  A coat should be packed in the following way.  It should be laid on its back and thoroughly straightened out the fronts being folded to meet.  The sleeves should then be brought forward, carefully arranged at the top, and doubled backwards at the elbow.  In this way the cuff of each sleeve will almost touch the shoulder seam.  The coat should then be doubled together lengthways, and laid flat in the skirt.  Packed in this way, it will be found to look as fresh after several hours travelling as if it just had come out of the wardrobe.  Paper should be put in the sleeves of the delicate bodices and blouses also between ribbons, and a soft hankerchief should always be placed between jet and any material on which it hangs.  All the light things, of course, should be packed on the top, as well as everything that would be wanted for the evening or for the night.  Veils, if possible, should be placed in a box by themselves.  To look well they must be absolutely fresh, and alas! They crumple very easily.  A veil lasts much longer, if after it is taken off the hat, it is drawn, withdrawn and rolled up.  This pulls it in the opposite direction, and thus preserves its shape.