Just came back from consulting the Robert Wilson Reford collection of images at the Library and Archives’ Preservation Centre in Gatineau.  While it did not have what I was looking for (pictures of Reford children in kilts) it was a most interesting collection.  I just wanted to highlight it here to bring attention to it.  There is no finding aid for the collection at the moment, so saying what I think is important in it, in my perspective as historian of Montreal, will perhaps bring it to the attention of those likewise interested.

Of course the collection has already been looked at for images of Western Canada at the beginning of the century.  It,[Accession # 1989-458] along with the Robert W Reford Collection [Accession #1973-050] have many amazing images of a trip that he took, with images of natives, settlers, settlements, and scenery that is breathtaking.  But for me the interesting images were of Montreal.  There was a series of images of the cutting of the ice on the St Lawrence (cut for ice-houses and ice-boxes) images of the interior of a house, which perfectly encapsulate the Edwardian period, the pictures of the slide on Mount-Royal are great.  Of note are a series of images of a horse race/ steeplechase.  The series includes images of the spectators as well as the horses making spectacular jumps and hitting the finish line.

By far the most interesting shots were those of a Lacrosse game, presumably in Montreal.  It is not clear when the shots were taken, but most likely were no later than the 1930s, but could conceivably be earlier.  Utterly great stuff!!!