“The 92 Resolutions” taken from Statutes, Treaties and Documents of the Canadian Constitution, 1713-1929 (Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1930).


Yet another St Jean Baptiste celebration has come an gone, and yet again I am stunned at the rhetoric which is flown about on the Patriotes and their Rebellions in 1837 and 1838.  For a province with “Je Me Souviens” on its license plate, it really does not remember at all.  So, for this reason I am e-publishing the 92 Resolutions which were promulgated by the Reform/ Patriote Party in 1834.


As there are ninety-two resolutions, I am going to limit my posts to 5 resolutions, maximum, at a time.  Some of them are seriously long.


These resolutions were passed by the House of Assembly of Lower Canada the 21st of February, 1834.


  1. Resolved, That His Majesty’s loyal subjects, the people of this province of Lower Canada, have shown the strongest attachment to the British Empire, of which they are a portion; that they have repeatedly defended it with courage in time of war; that at the period which preceded the Independence of the late British Colonies on this continent, they resisted the appeal made to them by those colonies to join their confederation.


  1. Resolved, That the people of this province have at all times manifested their confidence in His Majesty’s Government, even under circumstances of the greatest difficulty, and when the Government of the province has been administered by men who trampled under the foot the rights and feelings dearest to British subjects; and that these sentiments of the people of this province remain unchanged.


  1. Resolved, That the people of this province have always shown themselves ready to welcome and to receive as brethren, those of their fellow-subjects who, having quitted the United Kingdom or its dependencies, have chosen this province as their home, and have earnestly endeavoured (as far as on them depended) to afford every facility to their participating in the political advantages, and in the means of rendering their industry available, which the people of this province enjoy; and to remove for them the difficulties arising from the vicious system  adopted by those who have administered the government of the province, with regard to those portions of the country in which the new-comers have generally chosen to settle.


  1. Resolved, That this House, as representing the people of this province, has shown an earnest zeal to advance the general prosperity of the country, by securing peace and content of all classes of its inhabitants, without any distinction of origin and creed, and upon the solid and durable basis of unity of interest, and equal confidence in the protection of the Mother country.


  1. Resolved, That this House has seized every occasion to adopt, and firmly to establish by law in this province, not only the Constitutional and Parliamentary law of England, which is necessary to carry the Government into operation, but also all such parts of the public law of the United Kingdom as have appeared to this House adapted to promote welfare and safety of the people, and to be conformable to their wishes and their wants; and that this House has, in like manner, wisely endeavoured so to regulate its proceedings as to render them, as closely as the circumstances of this colony permit, analogous to the practise of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom.