This post is aimed at the anonymous person who posted a similar family tree on, but who did not do the research.  Most especially for their idea of correcting the married name of Mary Jane Cashion from Leitch to Liecht.  That I was frustrated and ticked off is mild.  This is my family- my Great Grandmother.  Had that person actually looked her up on ancestry (because her wedding is on the website, as is her burial) before posting they would have figured out that Leitch was correct.  So here I offer my family tree. 

 I swear on a stack of bibles and on my PhD in history that I have researched this tree most persistently and through several sources (census, family sources, ancestry, church records), including family graves which also list Mary Jane’s married name as Leitch.  I cannot say it is completely perfect, as nothing in this world can be, but it is damn good.

I am a bit confused by Guy Cashion who appears in the 1891 census….  I am not sure where he fits, although I think that he was Rachael’s son, but ……  If anyone can resolve that for me, I would be most pleased.