The campaign has now been on for two weeks and I have had several thoughts about the election, the campaign, the candidates and so forth.  I thought I would just write them out in point form for your enjoyment!  I don’t expect anyone to agree with me, but hopefully this will spur on thoughts….. and hopefully everyone will vote.

To the candidates running in Hull-Aylmer:

            Really you would think by the second week of the election you would have sent out your pamphlets exhorting me to vote for you.  I have received nothing from you at all.  Sure you have all put up your silly signs on the street, but do you think that is sufficient to have me vote for you? 

Is your smile that compelling that I will not have to think about your personal qualities as a candidate, or your qualifications? 

Do you think that by leaving the work to your leaders you don’t actually have to work for my vote?  Because if you are, guess what.  Won’t work.  The name on the ballot is yours, not your leader’s.

To the Conservative candidate in Hull-Aylmer:

            Those automated phone calls made from a private toll-free numbers that you have made to my home phone are not working.  Really, didn’t you realize that there are Anglophones in Hull? 

            Did you think that by ranting about how evil Ignatieff is I would vote for you?  What happened to policy?  What happened to the idea that you might have qualifications as a person/ candidate that might interest me?

            I suppose I should give you credit for making some kind of approach, since none of the other candidates have, but your medium sucks.

I remember in the good old days, and that was not all that long ago, candidates for election actually went around door to door, to ask for my vote.  I remember them being a bit daunted at the list of questions I had for them, and the deer in headlights look when they realized they had to answer them (except for a few who actually enjoyed the experience)…. 

Having watched the English language debate I am more convinced that Harper does not give a rat’s ass what people think.  He had no expression at all, and he did not answer the questions.  And his constant use of the phrase “I want to make this clear” was annoying.  If you have to say that, then you are clearly not being clear now, or before.  Obfuscation at its best.

Gilles Duceppe is great at giving zingers.  He was amazing, If it weren’t for the fact that he is a separatist I would so vote for him.  He was clear, concise and got the point across.  And his first comment to Harper about how it was the first time that he had answered a question from a voter, was brilliant.  Would have been better if Harper had actually answered the question from the voter instead of blah-blahing, but the point was made.

Ignatieff was a disappointment.  Sure he came off alright, he at least looked human, and his face had expression, but he was not that precise in his hits, and he was a bit slow in the take. 

I look forward to the French debate to see if the dynamics are the same.

To Harper who screens people for his rallies, but fails to do so for his own office.  Really, the shame is yours for not knowing that your advisor was a 5 time convicted fraudster who was disbarred.  Do you think by vetting people attending your rallies by looking at their facebook pages you are correcting your previous oversight?  I thought that when you went up for election it was your goal to convince people who might support the other side to support you?  You forfeited an excellent opportunity to get a vote by being partisan and foolish!