My goddaughter A had her third birthday party yesterday and her mom intended that it would be a good time for children and adults alike.  She went to the Kids Kaf in Ottawa, and for $150 she was promised decorations, pizza and cupcakes for the six kids and 9 adults present. 

First off , no cupcakes.  They had forgot.  Lovely.  Uncle B went across the street to Loblaws and bought some. 

Decorations by Dollarama.  Sure can be done, but since they probably spent no more than $3 on them- three balloons, a shiny happy birthday banner and two shiny decorations of questionable virtue.  And these decorations weren’t just for A, they were for at least one other party.

There was no music. 

The pizza was a frozen one, and measured no more than 8 inches.  Sorry- not very tasty, and certainly not enough for 6 kids, let alone the adults.  There was also 1 drink box for each child.  S had to buy the adults their drinks seperately.

Oh yeah, told she could have the space from 130-330, she found that the space was being cleared out at 3 because the other party started at 330.

S complained, and was given a $20 off and three free visits to the space in the week.  And S was able to get a small (very small) fruit plate. 

While I get that a business has to make a profit,  the service was not worth the price S had to pay.  If you cannot afford to provide more food for that price, raise the price.  Or better yet, specify what you will give, don’t just say pizza and decorations.  It was cheap and tacky.

Fortunately the kids had a good time because they entertained themselves on the play equipment.  They did not get much to eat, although they liked the cupcakes a lot.  Cupcakes that had to be bought seperately!!!  The adults were far from impressed.  Would Ihave a party for kids there?  NO.