Montreal Standard,

30 September 1905, page 11

Why young men do not marry.

Argued that Young Ladies of to-day are too independent.

The young mechanic is very shy at attempting the married state.

Conceit and self-importance are charged up to fair sex.

Marriageable girls too much of ladies to look after man and home.

It is becoming more and more evident to those who study social questions that the average young working and business man is less inclined to enter the matrimonial state than were those of previous generations.

The reasons for this are many and varied; not the least important being the “independence” of present day women wage-earners.

To those of the fair sex employed as stenographers this term may seem offensive, but, notwithstanding, they are every bit as amenable to the law of price and demand in the labour market.  Their sisters employed in mills and factories.  With the ever broadening field for women’s effort, there has developed a corresponding amount of new conceit and self importance entirely out of keeping with their place in society ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Performance of those functions that are naturally and essentially woman’s.

The young and respectable mechanic, no matter how much he may desire to become a benedict, is restrained by the knowledge that the majority of young women employed in industrial and commercial occupations are too much of ladies to want to devote the whole of their time to caring for a home, that is, without all those advantages and luxuries common to the irch and well-to-do.

He views with dismay the prospect of trying to satisfy the special and sartorial needs of one of the young women whom he is accustomed to meet at parties and social affairs.

When he commences to figure out how far his limited earnings will go towards keeping up an establishment of the kind demanded by most of our modern independent young ladies, he despairs of every being able to ~~~ a home ~~~~~

 [rest of article illegible- but you get the picture!]