Montreal Gazette

20 October 1866

Page 2

The lists for the Public Dinner to be given to the Hon. GE Cartier, on the 30th instant, are now more than three fourths full, without having been taken around to obtain signatures.  The signers consist of influential men representing different nationalities of which this city is composed.  But to enable others who desire to sign an opportunity to do so, lists will be left at the St Lawrence Hall, Messrs Dawson Brothers, the Montreal Gazette office, La Minerve, and Mr JB Rolland’s.

The way in which this proposed political demonstration has so far proceeded is very different from that predicted by the petty spite of Mr Cartier’s political enemies.  The fact is that in Mr Cartier, the recognized leader of the great body of the French speaking population of Lower Canada, the English speaking population, despite the many malignant and jaundiced assaults that have been made upon him, in the interest of persons who would like his place, recognise him as a man of courage and liberal mind; one, moreover, who is more thoroughly imbued than any other of his countrymen with the spirit of the British Constitution, and one who, by the course he has pursued, has probably done more than any other single man to bring about the good entente which happily exists among the different sections of the population of Lower Canada.  It is for reasons of this sort that the lists for the public dinner to him have already been largely and spontaneously signed.