Here is the Burns Quiz given at the Burns Nicht Supper, 28th January 2011 at the University Club, Montreal.  The winner was Brian Mackenzie, Heather McNabb and Jeff McCarthy.  Congrats!

Burns Quiz

1) Every year at Halloween Montreal’s Caledonian society honoured Robert Burns.  Name their favourite speaker who the invited every year, until his death in 1868?

Thomas D’Arcy McGee

2)  What is Burns’ birth date?

January 25, 1759

3)  Where is the statue to Robert Burns in Montreal located?

Place du Canada/ Dominion Square

4) In 2009 who was named the Greatest Scot by the Scottish public?

Robert Burns

5)  Who was Burns married to?

Jean Armour

6) Did Burns know any secret handshakes?

Yes, mason since 1781 at Tarbolton

7) With whom did he have his first child?

Elizabeth Paton, his mother’s servant- in 1785  named Elizabeth Paton Burns

8 )What was Highland Mary’s real name

Mary Campbell

9) When were Burns’ poems first published?

31 July 1786

10)Who said about Burns- “ I never saw such another eye in a human head, though I have seen the most distinguished men of my time.” ?

Walter Scott

11) Where was Robert Burns buried?

St Michael’s Churchyard, Dumfries

12) What did Burns do for a living in Dumfries?

Excise man

13) Besides Scotland, what other country adopted Burns as the “people’s poet” ?


14) Where was the first Burns club founded in 1801