From Mount Royal Cemetery, Montreal.  This monument is a piece of history.  It honours Thomas Hackett who was killed on July 12th.  Yes he was an Orangeman, and his death was considered such an affront to Protestants (hard core Orange protestants) in Montreal that they erected this monument above his grave.  It is rife with symbols of the Orange order, including King William in his glory.

The plaque originally stated that he was killed by Catholics, but that line was erased by the cemetery authorities who felt it was too strong a statement.  The plaque also failed to state that the gentleman was peaceably walking in the streets armed to the teeth, but there you go.

In memory of


Thomas Lett Hackett, LOA

Who was barbarously murdered

On Victoria Square

When quietly Returning from

Divine Service

12th July 1877

This monument was erected by Orangemen and Protestants of the Dominion as a tribute to his memory and to mark their detestation of his murderers.