I make ugly blankets.  It is my thing.

It all started after my mother became seriously ill, and I was visiting her often in the hospital.  The visits were often made when she was unconcious, and there was little to do but stare at her still form.  I couldn’t read, my mind wasn’t in the right place for that, so I started knitting.  I took some of Mom’s leftover wool and knitted a large scarf.  It was epic in length.  I then knit another one, and came to the idea that it was a blanket in the making.  I sewed the two pieces together.  Hideously ugly, but it was suited to my mood at the time.  I ran out of wool, so I headed to the local Woolco, and bought bright and non-matching balls of wool and continued the effort.  By the time Mom was out of the hospital and at home, I had a huge, ugly blanket.

Now really it is so ugly it is beautiful, and Lord is the thing warm.  

This began a wave of ugly blankets. People like them.  People ask for them! I give them to family and friends.  I think that I have now made over 15 blankets. 

I just finished an ugly blanket for friends who are about to have a baby- its a baby ugly blanket.  Because I used baby wools and baby colours it is not so ugly, but it follows the rules I have set down for the blankets.  It is a simple knit, with different balls of wool knit one after the other. 

Baby ugly blanket


Now I am doing a larger ugly blanket.  My friend I asked me to knit one for her goddaughter- who loves I’s blanket.  She went out to the stores and bought some of the most amazingly ugly wool I have ever seen!  So now I am knitting it.  I will update the blog periodically with its progress. 

December 1st- progress so far.